The #1 performance scooter

The #1 performance scooter

The Invictus 2 Complete Scooter: The Perfect scooter for Scooter Riders

When it comes to mastering any skill, practice and quality tools are key. In the world of scooter riding, owning a well-designed pro scooter can make all the difference in how you manoeuvre and perform tricks, accelerating your progress in the sport.

That's Root Industries designed the Invictus 2 Complete Scooters.
These pro scooters are equipped with exceptional features that will take your riding to the next level.

What's New in the Invictus 2 Pro Scooter?

Lightweight Construction The weight of a pro scooter can significantly impact your ability to handle and manipulate it. The Invictus 2 features lightweight components and additional enhancements, providing a more comfortable ride for riders of all skill levels.

Signature Honeycore Wheels The Invictus 2 comes with Root Industries' signature Honeycore wheels. These wheels feature a cut-out pattern that reduces weight, making them the lightest scooter wheels on the market, weighing in at just 170 grams. With their ultra-light 110mm x 24mm size, these wheels offer you more freedom and allow for smoother movements. Plus, the eye-catching honeycore design adds a stylish touch.

Honeycore Cut-Out Top Deck Plate The deck of the Invictus 2 has been redesigned to include a spacious foot space of 355mm. This optimized design gives you extra room to stand comfortably, preparing you for tricks and providing a proper landing space. The honeycore holes pattern in the deck plate also contributes to weight reduction, resulting in a well-balanced and lightweight piece.

HMA Aluminium Bars The Invictus 2 features HMA Aluminium bars, which are made from a variant of 6061 aluminium. This material is 50% stronger than regular scooter bars, making the Invictus 2 an incredibly durable and reliable scooter.

ABEC-11 Bearings The bearings in your scooter play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and frictionless wheel movement. Root Industries is known for its excellent performance bearings, and the Invictus 2 is equipped with ABEC-11 bearings for unparalleled speed and durability. These bearings will give you a noticeable boost in speed, enhancing your riding experience.

R2 Handlebar Grips The Invictus 2 scooter is equipped with longer, softer, and high-quality R2 handlebar grips. These grips provide a perfect and comfortable grasp, allowing you to execute your tricks with confidence.

Additional Features The Invictus 2 also includes a lightweight aluminium fork, lithium double clamp, and an integrated AIR headset. These features ensure durability and reliability, even during the most daring maneuvers and tricks.

In Conclusion

The Invictus 2 is an outstanding choice for riders seeking a pro scooter that combines exceptional design features and high-quality materials, all at an affordable price point. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, the Invictus 2 will elevate your scooting practice to new heights. Explore the Invictus 2 scooter range and take your riding to the next level.

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