Our Story

Established in 2009 in Burleigh Heads, Australia, the name “Root”was chosen to reflect our passion to be the champion of the grassroot riders.

We see every young rider that picks up a scooter for the first time as having potential to be as good as the most skilled pro riders of today, and we develop products, support events, and create communities that help nourish this potential to fulfil dreams.

We want every young rider to develop their skills, to enjoy their progress, and to spend their most informative years in the company of mates who share their passion. Nothing is better than riding the streets or the parks with your mates…it’s even sweeter when the equipment you ride with doesn’t let you down.

At Root Industries, our vision is to innovate Freestyle Scootering while promoting individuality and freedom of expression.
In chasing the Pursuit of Perfection through our product development, we provide the absolute highest-quality products that are the LIGHTEST, FASTEST and STRONGEST in the sport.

We will continue to relentlessly chase perfection for as long as the R logo is stamped on our products.