Hollowcare technology places strength and stability where it matters. This allows for a super light-weight and robust core. Lab tested and rider approved urethane provides a smooth ride and longer lasting wheel.

Root Industries invests time, resources, and thought processes to ensure our products meet the demands of an ever-changing and evolving industry.

At Root Industries, our vision is to innovate the sport of Scootering while trailblazing new ideas and ideals. To promote individuality and above all, provide high-quality parts and gear suited for progression and comfort for our sport. With The Pursuit of Perfection we believe it's essential that we provide products and services of exceptional value and superiority. Our goal is to assist riders in gaining a competitive advantage on the streets and in the skateparks, across the world. We're a brand that has always prided itself on not taking shortcuts, and taking in as much feedback as possible to make sure that every item it puts out is as near to perfection as possible. We strive to improve our products as we realize nothing is perfect and create new versions. "What if" is a constant question asked within our research and development department as we make each improvement. We strive never to forget where we came from, we stick to our Roots!

Elegantly carved from a single piece of aluminium the AIR series forks look amazing and perform even better. High grade laser etching and sharp angles make this fork look spectacular.

Root Industries all-new R2 Grips are longer length, longer-lasting, and the perfect balance between softness and longevity. Special blended color options make R2 grips a spectacular sight to be seen.