Top 5 Scooter Wheels for 2024

Top 5 Scooter Wheels for 2024

Top 5 Scooter Wheels of 2024


As the popularity of scootering continues to rise, selecting the perfect wheels becomes essential to enhance performance and style. In 2024, the scooter wheel market offers some innovative options that promise more speed, durability, and eye-catching designs. Below is a list of the top 5 scooter wheels set to dominate this year.

 1. Root Industries Honeycore Wheels

Root Industries is at the forefront of design innovation, and their Honeycore Wheels are proof of their expertise. Featuring a distinctive honeycomb core design, these wheels are not only visually appealing but also lightweight and strong. This balance of lightness and durability makes them ideal for riders seeking agility and precision in their tricks, while the high-quality urethane ensures long-lasting performance.

 2. Root Industries Liberty Wheels

The Liberty Wheels by Root Industries boast a robust spoke design that reflects strength and freedom. These wheels are designed for riders who demand both resilience and aesthetic appeal. The softer more grippy urethane formula offers exceptional control and smooth rides, making these wheels perfect for tackling various terrains and skatepark challenges.

The PU is hand-poured in the US, using a unique formula developed in the Root Industries Lab, making this our favourite pro-level scooter wheel.

 3. Root Industries Lotus Wheels

The Lotus Wheels by Root Industries are the latest addition to their impressive lineup, offering a blend of performance and stunning visuals. These wheels are engineered with a focus on redefining balance and smoothness, incorporating Root's advanced urethane formula for superior ride quality across various surfaces. Available in a range of colors, the Lotus Wheels allow riders to personalize their scooters while enjoying top-tier performance.

 4. Tilt Stage II Formula Wheels

The Stage II Formula Wheels from Tilt are designed for those who prioritize speed and seamless trick transitions. Their unique urethane mix reduces friction, allowing for faster and smoother rolling. The robust core design ensures these wheels can withstand the demands of both street and park riding, appealing to a wide range of riders.

 5. Root Industries AIR Wheels

Continuing their legacy of innovation, Root Industries' AIR Wheels are among the lightest on the market, thanks to their hollow-core technology. This significant reduction in weight enhances the ability for quick spins and agile movements, vital for complex tricks. Despite their lightness, these wheels do not compromise on durability, providing a well-rounded option for both novice and advanced riders.



The right wheels can dramatically improve your scootering experience, blending style, speed, and stability. This year's lineup from Root Industries and Tilt reflects a deep understanding of rider needs and technological advancements. Whether you choose the innovative Root Industries Honeycore, Liberty, AIR, or Lotus Wheels, or opt for the high-performance Tilt Stage II Formula Wheels, you’re guaranteed a superior ride tailored to your scootering style. Upgrade your setup with any of these options and experience a notable enhancement in both performance and aesthetics.



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