Finding the right size scooter

Finding the right size scooter

Finding the Perfect Size Scooter: A Guide by Root Industries.

Choosing the right size scooter can make all the difference in your riding experience. Not only is an ill-fitting scooter uncomfortable, but it can also be unsafe and hinder your progression. At Root Industries, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect complete scooter for you, and we're here to help. With over 16 years of experience as a dedicated freestyle scooter brand, we have the knowledge to guide you in finding the right size scooter.

Our extensive range of freestyle scooters ensures that you'll find the perfect ride. 

For online purchases, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect scooter without physically seeing it. That's why all our complete scooters include detailed specifications to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, we have some easy tips to help you select the perfect scooter height.

Focus on the Height

When determining the right size pro scooter, the overall height is crucial. This measurement is from the ground to where you hold the bars. Every rider has a sweet spot, which is the most comfortable and practical height for the bars.

In general, while riding, your hands should hold the bars between your belly button and hips. Holding them above your sternum poses a risk of hitting your chin, while holding them below your hips may lead to posture or back problems as you grow.

For younger or beginner riders, a little extra height and width are recommended to promote control and stability during the learning process. Park riders doing technical tricks often prefer shorter bars (closer to the hips), while street riders focused on rail tricks may opt for taller bars (closer to the belly button). Ultimately, personal preference and what works best for you should guide your decision.

Finding the Sweet Spot

To measure a rider's overall height, have them stand on the scooter with one foot on the deck and the other foot on the ground as if they were pushing off to ride. Alternatively, you can simulate standing on a scooter to get similar results.

Ask the rider to try holding their hand at different heights to find the most comfortable position. It may feel a bit silly, but this will yield the most accurate results.

Once the rider identifies their preferred hand position, measure from the ground to that height, and you'll have your target overall height.

Considering Other Factors

Complete scooters are designed as a whole product, with parts that work together harmoniously. Therefore, finding the perfect height generally aligns with other key measurements. However, riding style can influence the size range you should consider for the deck. Park riders typically prefer thinner and shorter decks (around 4.5"-5.1" x 19"-20"), while street riders often opt for wider and longer decks (approximately 5.1"-6.0" x 21"-23").

Wheel size is another factor to consider, as it affects ride characteristics. While 24mm x 110mm is the standard option suitable for any riding style, other options like wider cores (28mm/30mm) or larger diameters (115mm/120mm) offer distinct benefits like enhanced flow, grip, stability, or control. Personal preference and riding style play a role in choosing the right wheel size.

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