Top 5 essential tricks for beginner riders

Top 5 essential tricks for beginner riders

The Ultimate Guide to Scooter Tricks - Master the Best Tricks for Beginners

Scooter tricks are an exciting way to take your riding skills to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or looking to expand your trick repertoire, we've got you covered. In this guide, we will explain five essential scooter tricks that every rider should know.

  1. Tailwhip - The Classic Trick

The tailwhip is a staple in the world of scooter tricks. It involves flicking the deck of the scooter for a full 360-degree rotation. To perform a tailwhip, start by gaining confidence in jumping and landing on both wheels simultaneously. This is crucial for successfully executing the trick. Once you're comfortable with the basics, flick the deck in a natural direction, usually backside or BS in skate terms.

  1. Barspin - Mastering Handlebar Maneuvers

The barspin is another common trick that adds flair to your scooter riding. Begin by building confidence in jumping and landing on both wheels simultaneously. Barspins can be performed in different rotations, but it's best to start by learning your natural way first. Once you're in the air, smoothly rotate the handlebar with your dominant hand, passing it into your opposite hand in one fluid motion.

  1. 360 Spin - The Foundation Trick

The 360 spin is a foundational trick that opens the door to many other variations. The key to nailing any spin is in your hips and body motion. Jump while turning to your preferred side, continue the rotation past the 180-degree mark, and spot your landing. Your head and shoulders should assist in completing the full twist motion.

  1. Tuck No-hander - Old School Stylishness

The tuck no-hander is a stylish trick that gained popularity among old school BMX riders. Approach this trick by breaking it down into three parts. First, jump while pulling the handlebars closer to your crotch and tucking both legs in at the thigh. Simultaneously, release the handlebars, catch them on the grips before landing, and regain control.

  1. T-Boggan - Borrowing from BMX

The T-Boggan trick is adapted from the BMX world but with a twist. Instead of turning the bars 90 degrees and grabbing the bike seat, you grab the rear of the scooter deck. To perform this trick, take off and then turn the bars 90 degrees with your dominant hand while using the other hand to grab the rear of the deck. For extra style points, tweak the grab by pulling the deck up further and extending the arm holding onto the bar.

These five essential scooter tricks will set you on the path to becoming a skilled rider. Remember to start with the basics and gradually progress as you build confidence and skill. Practice in a safe environment, wear appropriate protective gear, and most importantly, have fun while exploring the world of scooter tricks.

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