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ROOT INDUSTRIES Invictus Custom Pack Mirror

ROOT INDUSTRIES Invictus Custom Pack Mirror

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Upgrade your ride with this super value pack from Root Industries.

What's in the pack?

1 x Root Industries Invictus HMA Aluminium bar (colour as shown)

1 x Root Industries Invictus Forks (colour as shown)

1 x Root Industries Lithium Clamp (colour as shown)

1 x Root Industries AIR Headset (colour as shown)


About each Product:

HMA Invictus Bars:

The Root Industries HMA bars are the LIGHTEST and STRONGEST alloy bars in the sport. Made from Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA), these bars are 50% stronger than regular aluminium bars, yet weigh slightly less. The bars measure 610mm tall and 580mm wide, making them perfect for riders who are 145cm (4'11") to 180cm (6') in height.

Invictus Forks:

These Root Industries Invictus forks are made from 6061 aluminium and can accommodate 110mm or 120mm wheels. Super-stylish, and LIGHTWEIGHT, these Root forks look perfect on any set-up.

Lithium Clamp:

Our Lithium Clamp is the perfect clamp to keep your bars firmly attached to the forks, whilst looking sick on your scooter.


The Root Industries headset is the SMOOTHEST headset in scootering. If you've never ridden one before, you'll be blown away by how effortlessly your bars and forks spin with this headset. With the flush dust cap, the Root headset forms a seamless join between deck and clamp. Pure Perfection.

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