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ROOT INDUSTRIES Custom Scooter Titanium Black

ROOT INDUSTRIES Custom Scooter Titanium Black

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This custom scooter from Root Industries features Titanium bars, which are lightweight and strong, and a perfect match for the AIR v2 deck. Every component of this custom scooter has been hand-picked by our Pro team, meaning this is a scooter that not only looks sick, but will also perform beyond your expectations.

All parts in this scooter are designed to fit perfectly together, giving you a smooth and completely dialed set-up (no rattle, guaranteed).

All Root custom scooters come unassembled with the necessary tools to assemble them and instructions on how to dial it, Root Industries designs its parts so that anyone can build our scooters from scratch in around 15 mins with just one tool (a 6mm allen key, which is supplied)

What's in the box?

AIR v2 Deck:

The Root AIR v2 deck is a beautifully designed and crafted scooter deck. This model is 5.25" wide x 22" long and features the awesome flat-bottom plate which makes grinds super-easy and smooth. Square-edged, lightweight, and built to last, this deck is a dream to ride.

Titanium T Bars:

The Root Industries Titanium bars are lightweight and strong. Unlike other titanium bars on the market, Root makes it's Titanium bars an extra 0.2mm thicker to make them the STRONGEST titanium bars available in scootering. The bars in this pack are standard diameter (31.8mm), making them perfect for SCS compression. The bars measure 670mm tall and 610mm wide, making them perfect for riders who are 150cm (5'1") to 180cm (6') in height.

AIR Forks:

These Root Industries AIR forks are made from 6061 aluminium and can accommodate 110mm or 120mm wheels. Super-stylish, and LIGHTWEIGHT, these Root forks look perfect on any set-up.

AIR Clamp:

The AIR SCS Clamp is the perfect clamp to keep your bars firmly attached to the forks, whilst looking sick on your scooter.


The Root Industries headset is the SMOOTHEST headset in scootering. If you've never ridden one before, you'll be blown away by how effortlessly your bars and forks spin with this headset. With the flush dust cap, the Root headset forms a seamless join between deck and clamp. Pure Perfection.


Root Industries has been the world's #1 manufacturer of scooter wheels since introducing the Air wheel in 2014, These 110mm Honeycore wheels are the LIGHTEST and FASTEST scooter wheels ever made, and they come with the renowned quality and durability that Root wheels are famous for.


Koala Rider griptape is one of our most popular designs of griptape, and looks gnarly on this set-up


Our famously soft and comfortable R2 grips come fitted on this custom scooter.

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