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Elevate your scooter riding experience with the exceptional Root Industries AIR Forks. Crafted to the highest standards, these forks are the epitome of strength, style, and performance. Made from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminium, these forks offer unbeatable durability and reliability.

Root Industries is renowned for its commitment to excellence in design and technology, and the AIR Forks exemplify this reputation. Each fork is meticulously CNC machined to create a sleek and stylish design that will turn heads at the skatepark.

What sets the Root Industries AIR Forks apart is their lightweight construction. Weighing in at only 300 grams, these forks provide an effortless riding experience. The reduced weight allows for enhanced manoeuvrability and agility, giving you the freedom to take your scooter to new heights.

Versatility is another key feature of the Root Industries AIR Forks. They are compatible with both SCS and HIC compression systems, making them suitable for a wide range of scooter setups. The forks come with all the necessary bolts to ensure easy installation and compatibility with your preferred compression system. Please note that a separate SCS clamp or HIC clamp will be required to fit any bars onto the forks.

With the Root Industries AIR Forks, you can trust in their exceptional quality and performance. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, these forks will exceed your expectations and elevate your scooter game.

Invest in the best with Root Industries and experience the difference that premium scooter forks can make. Join the ranks of riders who trust Root Industries for their superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. Take your scooter to the next level with the Root Industries AIR Forks and enjoy a ride like never before.

Upgrade your scooter today and feel the difference with the Root Industries AIR Forks. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Embrace the cutting-edge technology and unrivalled style of Root Industries and unleash your true potential on the streets or at the skatepark. Order your Root Industries AIR Forks now and experience a new level of scooter performance.

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