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ROOT INDUSTRIES Invictus 2 Pro Scooter ETCH Pink

ROOT INDUSTRIES Invictus 2 Pro Scooter ETCH Pink

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The main goal that Root Industries set out to achieve with the Invictus v2 range of complete scooters, was to give the rider a weapon that would allow them to progress quicker and take their riding to new heights! 

The Invictus v2 achieves this with an even more perfectly balanced deck, designed to maximize foot-space and allow for optimal comfortability, while remaining compact allowing for quick and smooth stunts. 

One of the most prominent features debuting on the Invictus v2 complete scooter, in addition of Root Industries' signature Honeycore wheels, are the new ultra-light 110mm x 24mm.

These ultra-light 110mm x 24mm wheels add to the stability and balance of the scooter, allowing for more natural and fluid-feeling movements and enabling the rider to progress with ease.

✓ Ultra-Light Signature Honeycore Aluminium Wheels: Unleash the power of lightweight Honeycore wheels, offering the perfect combination of speed and agility.

✓ Lightweight and Durable Honeycore Cut-out Deck: Experience a deck that strikes the ideal balance between durability and weight, allowing for effortless tricks and smooth rides.

✓ Comfortable R2 Handlebar Grips: Enjoy a secure and comfortable grip with R2 handlebar grips, ensuring precise control and reducing hand fatigue.

✓ Strong, Reliable Lithium Double Clamp: Benefit from a sturdy and dependable double clamp that keeps your scooter securely in place during intense riding sessions.

✓ Ultra-Light and Balanced HMA Aluminium Invictus Bars: Discover the perfect harmony of lightweight design and superior strength with the Invictus bars, offering optimal control and manoeuvrability.

✓ IHC Compression: Experience smooth and efficient compression, enhancing the scooter's overall performance and responsiveness.

✓ Lightweight Invictus v2 Aluminium Forks: Delight in lightweight forks that contribute to the scooter's impeccable balance and stability.

Product Weight 3.3kgs (ultra light)
Suitable for Age 10 yrs to Adult
Suitable for Rider Height 150cm to 180cm / 5' to 5'11"
Rider Weight Limit 100kgs
Total Height from Ground 880mm / 34.5"
Deck Dimensions 123mm (w) x 510mm (l) / 4.9"(w) x 19.7"(l)
Foot Space 355mm / 14"
Bar Size 610mm (h) x 580mm (w) / 24" (h) x 23" (w)
Compression Type IHC
Use suitability Pro level trick / skatepark
Warranty 12 months


 Ultra-Light signature Honeycore Aluminium Wheels 
 Lightweight and Durable Honeycore Cut-out Deck 
 Comfortable R2 Handlebar Grips 
 Strong, Reliable Lithium Double Clamp  
 Ultra-Light and Balanced HMA Aluminium Invictus Bars
 IHC Compression  
 Lightweight Invictus v2 Aluminium Forks  
 Great balance of affordability and quality
 Unconquerable Design to improve your skills faster 
 Suitable for Children 8+ 

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