AIR Ti Bars | Black

Root Industries AIR Ti Bars

Back in the day when freestyle scootering was nothing but a niche hobby that only a handful of enthusiasts participated in, the options for scooter customization were practically non-existent. Today, the amount of innovation in this ever-growing sport knows no bounds - and even something as simple as T-shaped handlebars is no exception.

Root Industries would like to introduce the lightest bars the company has ever produced - the AIR Ti bar.

Weighing a fraction of what traditional chromoly bars weigh, while maintaining a durable and stylish structure, these versatile handlebars mean serious business when it comes to riding park, street, or anything in between. Long-lasting and sleek, there’s no reason not to give this incredible product a try.


Main Features

  • 25.6” Tall by 23.6” Wide / 650mm Tall by 600mm Wide
  • Ultra-lightweight and Strong Titanium material
  • Attractive, stylized T-bar design
  • Titanium handlebars - identical dimensions to Oversized Steel handlebars; BARS COME WITH A SLIT

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