AIR RS V2 Complete | Black

Root Industries AIR RS V2 Complete Scooter

Root Industries has always provided the highest quality pro scooter wheels, forks, clamps, bars, and now decks. It was only a matter of time until the inaugural generation got an upgrade - and that time is now.

Welcome the newest addition to the AIR lineup - the Root Industries AIR RS V2 complete scooter. Sometimes to succeed, you must break the rules - and the new Root Industries AIR RS V2 does just that. Made entirely from top-quality Root Industries AIR components, this beast of a complete scooter is the epitome of unbox-and-shred. Geared more toward the aspiring no-holds-barred street rider, as well as any taller rider, the AIR RS V2 features a longer deck, boxed ends, and integrated pegs.

The AIR RS V2 also features an all-new AIR V2 Deck - scrutinized, redesigned, and tested by veteran and professional riders to ensure the highest quality and functionality possible. Included on every AIR RS V2 complete scooter, this masterfully-crafted piece of CNC-machined, laser-cut aluminum is the centerpiece of the AIR RS V2 build and the key to quick, smooth progression, and ultimate comfortability.

Available in a sleek, stealth-like all black finish. With the Root Industries AIR RS V2 complete, you are ready to shut down any spot you pull up to.


Main Features

  • Forged AIR V2 Headtube

  • 120mm x 24mm AIR Wheels

  • Comfortable R2 Handlebar Grips

  • Lightweight AIR V2 Deck Design - 5.25" Wide by 22" Long

  • Strong, Reliable AIR Double Clamp  - Easy Push Nylon Brake  - XL AIR T-Bars - 24" Wide by 28" Tall

  • HIC Compression

  • AIR Aluminium Forks

  • Suitable for Ages 14+